Thursday, January 10, 2013

Power of the handknits

I believe in the power in the hand-knitted woollen garment. Despite it being the middle of winter, albeit mild by Canadian standards, I'm still being driven to work on the scooter.

My outfit today:

Black garbardine dress pants
Chartreuse long-sleeved t-shirt layered over a longer black tank top
Black down vest
Mara shawl - in STR Ravenscroft colorway - black, dark greens, dark purples
Black leather shoes

My riding gear:
Motorcycle pants
Motorcycle gloves
Esprit long length winter coat - black with faux fur trim (a few years old)
Full face helmet with bluetooth headset so my husband can talk to me the whole commute

Temperature: a frigid 3C, wind chill factor probably making it closer to 0C.

As you can see, the only hand-knit item on today was my shawl.


After work we went for a long walk (2 hours) on our famous Seawall - from Coal Harbour to English Bay and back - while wearing all the above mentioned attire. I was also carrying my purse which probably weighed 8 lbs since there was no room to leave it locked up in the scooter underseat storage compartment. It was a great workout (extra resistance and weight from the motorcycle pants and purse). The afternoon weather was brilliant:

There was even a trio of sea otters frolicking in the white-capped waves. I did my best to get my Vitamin D quota.

My scarf kept the chill off my neck and down my back and I felt warm enough until the sun set and riding home seemed to last forever.

What I need to make are long fingerless mitts in sock yarn that I can wear under my motorcycle gloves and will reach at least to my mid forearm.

My scootering cowl is a little too long and rolls down under my chin. It is also too short in the front. I think I need to make the Bandana Cowl, or something similar in shape, but close fitting on my neck.

Just need to choose the right yarn...

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