Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Great start to 2013

So I picked up my Swing Cardi, which I haven't worked on for a few weeks. I've knit all of the body except for the cable edging that goes around the whole outside of the sweater. I've always been a little unhappy with the way the cabling looked, but thought that was the nature of the yarn and it would improve on blocking.

However, when I reviewed the pattern to try to pick up where I left off, I realized that I had been reading the cable chart wrong the whole time. I had placed the right cable lined up directly above the left one, when it should have been offset by 3 stitches.

I broke my yarn and did a swatch to see what the proper cable would look like and it looks so much better than what I did. Now that I know I've done it wrong, I think that I will have to frog the whole thing and start again. If only I hadn't stopped working on it, I would have been perfectly fine with it.

Here's my original post.

As I said, great start to the year. I think the only goal I will set for myself is to continue knitting everyday. That seems to be the only intention I can keep.

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