Saturday, January 12, 2013

Gloves for Scootering

I finally started some fingerless mitts to wear under my gloves when I'm scootering. Hopefully they will be long enough to cut out any draft going up my sleeves.

I only had a 50g ball of the yarn so I split it into two equal balls by weight. I'm knitting them two at a time on two circs and the only mod to the pattern is that I'm knitting them from the hands first so that I can keep knitting up the arms until the yarn runs out.

Ribbed Hand Warmers:

 My yarn split into balls. I'm using the mesh from a garlic bag to keep the yarn cakes neat.

 The stitch marker is to keep the two gloves together because they always seem to start drifting apart on the needles.
 My cat, Nibbler is trying to butt in on the shot!

 Started from the hand first, instead of the wrist as the pattern is written.
Yarn bought at Dressew at a bargain!

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