Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Finished three sweaters in time for the girl before she left for Toronto. Turned out very well. I had made them originally for me but they looked great on her.

1) Wendy Bernard's Favorite Cardigan:

 I really love those buttons. Got them at Button Button. They always have a great selection.

2) Kaleidoscope

I didn't have time to get buttons so left it for her to get some herself. Yarn pooled a little bit but still okay. I think it will be quite wearable for her.

3) Low Tide

I'm so happy with how this project turned out. Loved the yarn and the dye which I blogged about here.

Used shell buttons which were a little small, but still nice.

So this means I can start three more new projects, right?

I've also been recently told by two different friends that some relative has passed away leaving rooms full of yarn, and one even has spinning wheels and looms and would I like to come take a look??

You don't have to ask me twice :) More details as I follow-up on this treasure and see if it will pan out.

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