Monday, December 10, 2012

Craft Room?

What elements comprise the perfect craft room?

Since some of the kids have moved out of the house, there is a bit of extra space to work with. Unfortunately, my husband likes to hold on to stuff, so even though there's room, there's also stuff stuff and more stuff. (I can't call it JUNK in front of him).

Anyway, one of the spare bedrooms has my sewing machine set up on a desk. Into this room I've now placed my dressform (name still to be determined - I'm leaning towards "Daphne"). Today we just moved up the table from the laundry room which will be perfect for blocking and cutting fabric.

How to describe this room? It was a back bedroom onto which the former homeowners knocked out the rear wall and extended it. The back portion has vaulted ceilings and bay windows. Unfortunately with the house settling from this addition, the seal on the double glazed windows has broken and now the window panes cannot be cleaned since moisture has seeped into the inner core. However, natural light does come in.

One or more of the boys has used it as a bedroom/playroom over the years. There is a sliding glass door leading onto a back balcony at the back portion of the room where the vaulted ceilings are. My husband got the brilliant idea of installing a climbing wall over and around the sliding glass door. Yes, a climbing wall with hand holds. You can climb up one side, across the top of the sliding glass door and come down the other side. Don't ask me how often the boys have done this - not as often as dh thought they would, obviously.

Another playroom addition? The lovely vaulted ceilings have trapeze bars installed. My husband found those in the children's area of IKEA one year and thought the kids would like to swing from them. Anyone want to come over and use the rings and do an Iron Cross?

There is also a woodburning stove smack in the middle of the room. So there is firewood and cardboard boxes waiting to be burned all stacked around - not so neatly, most of the time.

So this is the room where I will be crafting. I hope eventually to clear out the extraneous items, repaint the walls and install shelving for my fibre. I also want a photo corner. I don't think I will ever be able to afford to have the windows replaced.

Once that's all done, I may be brave enough to post before and after photos. Right now, the sight is not fit for public consumption.

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