Sunday, December 9, 2012

Another Dyeing Experiment

This is a second over-dyeing attempt with some very ugly orange yarn I bought on sale - Rowan Felted Tweed at 70% off. I bought 23 balls. I dyed 9 balls of it for this project.

This is close to the actual original colour.
Getting ready to over-dye
I wanted the final colour to be more greyish than brown. The first over-dyeing with this yarn was a brown colour (I'll show that project another time.)

I think it's turning out pretty well.
Here are pics of my project in progress - Rosamund's Cardigan

Happily, the tweed characteristic of the yarn was retained. It's also my first time knitting reversible cables. Project is almost done. I just haven't been working on it because it got too large for purse knitting and at home I seem to pick up other projects.

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