Sunday, November 11, 2012

Wool socks will get you eventually!

I've knit items for my kids with varying degrees of success. All of them got at least one sweater each and for some of them, that was enough. I love to make things for my daughter because she wears them, looks beautiful in them, and knows how to care for the garments. The boys are another matter.

My two oldest boys have now moved out so I only have the two youngest at home now. When I volunteer to knit something for them, kid #4 (Anson) very politely says "No thanks" in his sweet voice. My youngest son, Andrew, finally relented and asked me to make him some socks for the house. I made him two pairs so far and it has been very gratifying to see him wearing them all the time.

Well, the colder weather is now upon us. My husband wants to conserve our heating gas consumption, so we all bundle up at home and the central heating only comes on sporadically.

Our family also has scooters - a small 50cc one (which I can drive) and 2 larger 300cc ones - very powerful and requiring a motorcycle license to operate. This is what the guys took on their trip to Toronto this last summer.

My husband still insists on driving them, even though the weather is a cool 5 - 8C most days now. They really are so economical on gas. Extra layers are needed along with the full face helmets. He drives one with Andrew behind, and Anson drives the other one all by himself. He had just gotten his learner's license before they left on their road trip.

They went out yesterday and I happened to give Anson a pair of hand knit socks which his older brother had left behind when he moved out.

Well, last night they returned from their chilly excursion and the first thing Anson does is ask for another pair of hand-knitted socks because they were so warm! He just wants me to make them out of thicker yarn, not sock yarn. How wonderful is that! Andrew is also asking for another pair. I'm smiling :)

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