Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wool + Chilly weather riding

How I missed my wool during my commute yesterday. Riding behind my husband on the scooter  I only had a thin cotton sweater, a thin cotton blouse and thin cotton socks. I did have motorcycle pants and my wool cowl and winter jacket and leather gloves, but sadly, the chill still bit. Luckily, my commute is only 20 minutes.

Ideally, I need my wool socks, wool cardigan, and I'm considering knitting legwarmers. The cold air still climbs up my ankles. I'm not wearing boots, only leather shoes because it takes so long discard my riding gear once I'm at work and slipping out of shoes is so much easier than unzipping boots.

Now my only decision for the legwarmers is if they will go outside or inside my motorcycle pants.....

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