Saturday, November 17, 2012

Weekly update

So on my needles are numerous projects:
7 sweaters
3 blankets
1 pair of socks

I'll enumerate more completely next time.

Here's one of my sweaters on the go:

Kaleidoscope, a free, seamless, bottom up cardigan using sock yarn.

I restarted this 3x until I was satisfies with the drape. Both my stitch and row gauges are smaller, so I've adjusted the size I'm making accordingly. I eventually settled on 3.25 mm. I changed waist decreasing to every 6 rows and increasing to every 8 rows to accommodate shorter row gauge.

Pix so far:

Most realistic colour

I'm using some lovely sock yarn I picked up at Knit City, which if you didn't make it, was a terrific first time yarn festival in Vancouver. I was one of the lucky first 50 that got the swag back and it paid for the 10$ admission many times over with all the goodies inside. I suppose we'll have to line up even earlier next year to get the bag since there were many disappointed people.

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