Monday, November 26, 2012


I've been enjoying patterns by a local design team: tincanknits

I have 4 of their patterns: POP!, Low Tide (my experiment in dyeing), Antler  Cardigan, and Sitka Spruce.

POP! was the first pattern I purchased from them. I started making it right away (this was back in May!) since I actually had the suggested yarns. However, I ran out of Eco wool because even though I had bought 4 skeins of it, I had used it already for my Aidez:

and my husband's cowl .

I had enough left to make 20 POP! squares:

Earthy colour palette

I'm using 3 different colourways for the Noro.

I don't think that's enough squares. It's only enough for a small lap blanket. What to do......

I've made other cowls, scarves and hats for hubby, so I've been contemplating frogging the cowl and re-purposing the yarn. I also had issues with casting off the squares loosely enough so the edges are kind of tight, as you can see in the pictures, they roll up a little because they're tight.

To complicate matters, I've already woven in my ends.

Ideally, I need to:
1) undo the cowl and use that yarn (easy)
2) knit more squares (pretty easy)
3) undo the cast off edges on the finished squares and redo them, probably spit-splicing additional yarn as I go (not so easy - I most likely will need to break the yarn somewhere just to free an end and see where it leads).

That's why this project has been hibernating, but I'm feeling the urge to work on it again.

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