Saturday, November 10, 2012

Experiment in Dyeing - Semisolid

This summer my husband took the kids on a road trip so I had the house to myself:)

Decided to finally do some dyeing. I had bought some acid dyes at Maiwa with a gift certificate a friend had given me.

After watching numerous youtube videos I felt brave enough to try.

I had attempted kool-aid dyeing a couple of years back while I was taking spinning lessons.

My first project may have been a little ambitious but I was very pleased with the results.

2 100g skeins Yarnundyed Superwash Sock

Ciba Washfast acid dyes - black and turquoise.

I used a very scientific method of one butterknife tipfull of black, and a smidgen of turqoise added to my dyebath. I kept the skeins dry so that the dye would only soak in partially and I would attain a semisolid colour.

Here are more photos. I still have to finish adding buttons and block it before it's finished, but all the knitting is done.

Low Tide Cardigan:

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