Saturday, January 22, 2011

11 Intentions (NOT Resolutions) for 2011 - somewhat belated

Well, here's my aim for 2011. I scrawled it out a couple of months ago but only got around to publishing it finally.

Some are fibre-related, but others are regarding health and lifestyle since I guess I shouldn't be so obsessed with how many projects I have on the go.

1. knit everyday
2. spin twice a week
3. take a camera class - done Jan 11 :)
4. workout more regularly
5. knit 6 sweaters just for me
6. get more sleep
7. publish 4 patterns - 2 for pay and 2 free ones
8. practice my ukulele
9. blog more regularly
10. set up my dye studio properly
11. put up something for sale in my etsy store

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