Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My day today!

Work - subbed for two supervisors who were both away. Stayed 1.5 hrs overtime. Wore Tea Leaves Cardi for first time, even though middle of summer because the a/c in the office is overpowering. Got lots of compliments on it :) Worked on my Mondo Cable Cardi during coffee and lunch breaks.

Home - only one child in, along with a friend. Remainder are out with hubby. Made dinner - chicken curry, brown rice and cabbage salad.

Business - did some data entry and prepped reports for faxing.


Delegated dishes to poor child left at home. (He's my eldest boy so is certainly capable.)

Will finish business and then have rest of evening to craft.

On the go: (none have been listed on Ravelry yet)

Mondo Cable Cardi - from Chic Knits
Shoulder Cozy - from Wrap Style
Bathroom mat - crocheted and felted, my own design. Just sewing non-slip backing to it.
Spinning my grab bag fibre from Fibres West 2010

Have been procrastinating on:
  • filing my 2009 income taxes
  • putting away my newly purchased stash acquisitions - from PicKnit last Saturday
  • sewing craft bags - similar to the GoKnit pouch.
  • mending the case for a Domo-Kun pillow (one of my son's)
  • swatching for a striped pullover for another son, his own custom stripe pattern
  • working out!
Would like to purchase:
That's it! Time for dinner :)

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