Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rebirth of a knitter

I've always loved knitting and have done so off and on for about 35 years. However, I would only knit one project at a time, usually at work on the night shift which I did for 8 years while the kids were still young. These were all cardigans and other baby and small child-sized items, usu. from my collection of Debbie Bliss books which I loved.

I guess my rebirth came about due to 3 things:

a) Ravelry - when I first logged on and saw all the beautiful projects completed by others, I was envious. Then I thought of how long it would take me to make any of those items. I thought I would pursue crochet after that since I was much faster doing that. However, I was not inspired by as many crochet patterns.

b) Youtube - I saw a video of women in a speedknitting competition. Being competitive myself (my whole family can attest to this) I googled how to speedknit.

3) Continental knitting- the first rule of speedknitting is continental knitting. I had learned English and mastered that quite nicely thank you. Why change habits after 30 years or so? I'm a quick learner so again I referred to Youtube and taught myself from there.

I tackled my first major project wtih my newly-learned technique, quite an ambitious one I thought - the Clapotis shawl which everybody and her dog had already knit. All that knitting and purling was enough to ingrain in me the fine art of picking and I think I didn't do too badly. Sure I had a few rows where my tension was wonky, but overall I am so glad I did relearn because now I have knit an incredible number of items over the last two years alone.

My project count on Ravelry is up to 64 and only a handful of those were finished prior to 2009.

I've now completed projects I never would have done otherwise: e.g. lace shawls, socks, seamless sweaters, and some of my own designs too.

I also learned to spin in 2009 - an overall banner year for me fibre-wise!

I would like to start designing more items. It would be wonderful to write off my yarn purchases as legitimate taxable deductions. I'm working on it!

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