Tuesday, December 23, 2008

One Skein Project

I had a spare ball of yarn: Bernat Satin, so I made a cowl. Wore it today to work, since we're having such an atypical cold Christmas.Worked pretty well. I wanted to make it wide enough so I could put it over my head if needed. I would have made it a few inches longer though because when I put over my head, it rode up a little in the back. However, it worked well as a neckwarmer.

I'll put some pics of it up shortly.

I'm liking these quick easy crochet projects. I am only getting into crochet again these last few years. I knit so much, especially when my kids were younger. Working the night shift for years, I knit an awful lot of sweaters for them, easier when they are smaller and don't complain about itchy scratchy clothing. Complicated cable garments too, I quite impress myself when I think back on them, haha. I should probably capture them on a knitting blog one of these days.

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